Pricing & Packages

Maternity Packages & Pricing

Outdoor/Natural Light & On-Location


30-minutes session 

up to 2 outfit/change 

10 hand-edited photos

delivered via the online gallery 

Travel fee not included 




Gold Package

60-minute session 

up to 3 outfits/changes

18 hand-edited photos

delivered via an online gallery 

Travel fee included 




Exclusive Package

90 minutes session 

up to 4 outfits/changes provided 

25 hand-edited photos

delivered via the online gallery 

Travel fee included 





Do you require a deposit?

All bookings require full payment to reserve except weddings or elopements.

How long have you been in business?

I made the transition from a hobbyist photographer to a professional photographer 6 years ago.

How much do you charge?

All pricing packages are under the Package & Pricing Tab.

Do you charge more than other photographers? Why should we hire you?

There is a list of reasons that I can give you right now to explain to you the value of my work but not to bore you with a long list of reasons I say this, “to give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

What do you primarily photograph?

My primary work is as a portrait photographer, maternity photographer and engagement photographer. However, I specialized in a street, fashion photography.

What's your favorite lens?

I love the Canon 35 mm. Most of my photographs are captured with this lens.

Should I practice posing?

It is my job to make sure you look amazing. You do not have to worry about anything when photographed by me.

Do you travel outside of the United States?

Yes I do. I have international wedding packages that I can send via email upon request.

Should we meet in person?

With years of skills and constant communication and preparation for your photo session, we will become friends.

If you decide you would like to meet me before the session, I am always down for good coffee and a chit-chat.

How do I view my photos?

Your photos are delivered online and everything is downloadable. All of my pricing guides are all-inclusive and fully transparent.

Do you provide discounts?

I do provide seasonal discounts on certain packages. These discounts do expire by a certain date. Be on the look out for discounts on my social media or the home page.

Do you photograph elopement?

Yes I do. I love the intimate and beauty of eloping. For price packages please refer to the contact page.

Have another question? Send it my way!